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This is the legend of Youn Wha, which Grandmaster Han relates as told to him many years ago by his Grand Master.  It is, metaphorically, the inspiration for his Youn Wha Ryu system. 

Grandmaster Han has over 60 years’ experience in many different martial arts styles and has dedicated his life to developing and refining the Youn Wha Ryu system into what it is today. Here and there it may look like hapkido, judo, kung fu or jiu-jitsu but it is, in its entirety, Youn Wha Ryu.  The Best of the Best.



Youn Wha, whose name means "water lily", was a legendary female martial artist who lived a very long time ago. She lived alone on a remote island in the Orient. She was known far and wide as a master of potions and alchemy. She was also famous as a very highly skilled martial artist.

Youn Wha's beauty was extraordinary. It was as celebrated as her expertise in the martial arts. Many extremely accomplished martial artists from many nations, knowing of her acclaimed beauty and skill, embarked on journeys with hopes of seeing her and training with her.

On the way to Youn Wha's island, there were many traps set for the martial artists. These traps were very cleverly designed and placed throughout the countryside. They could kill anyone who was not alert enough to anticipate them and avoid or defeat them.

Therefore, it was only the best and the most highly skilled martial arts masters who were able to weather these pitfalls. They were the only ones who were rewarded with the opportunity to meet and study with the beautiful Youn Wha.

Now, these masters were very honored to be able to learn from and train with Youn Wha. But they did not know that they would never again see their friends and family; they would never be able to leave Youn Wha's island.

Youn Wha had used her great skills in alchemy to create a potion which she placed in the masters' food and drink. She was the only one who had the secret antidote for the potion, and the masters would perish if they did not have some of the antidote every day. 

In this way, Youn Wha held the martial arts masters captive. In order for them to receive their daily antidote, she required the masters to write down the secrets of each of their martial arts systems, and train her in their techniques.

It is from these writings that the system of Youn Wha was formed. The Youn Wha system contains all of the high level techniques from each of those ancient Masters' systems.

It is unique because no other system includes so many high level principles in one training method.

Listen well, my children, to your masters, for they are the students of Grandmaster Han. They have learned much of The Youn Wha Ryu from him, and they will share its secrets with you.

But be careful, my children. There is a lesson for you in this tale. Learn from the mistakes of the ancient masters. Even ones as skilled and learned as they were can lose sight of what is truly important. 

Never allow yourself to want anything so badly that you become its prisoner.


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